Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ariana Grande & Big Sean: The Romantic Way They Keep Love Alive While Apart

hollywoodlife -Ariana Grande and Big Sean are in the midst of a hot new romance, but their busy schedules are keeping them apart! has learned EXCLUSIVELY what these two lovebird do to keep their love alive when they can’t be together. Due to their busier than ever music careers, Ariana Grande, 21, and Big Sean, 26, can’t always be together together 24/7. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on how Ariana and Big Sean’s romance survives the long distance! Big Sean & Ariana Grande’s Relationship: How They Survive Long Distance “She’s having a great time [on tour] but she really misses him, it’s hard because they’re in love, so of course they don’t want to be apart,” a source spilled to EXCLUSIVELY. “They talk every night before she goes to bed, she doesn’t even want to go out after dinner with everyone because she just wants to get back to her room and talk to him, she’s got it bad.” Aw, too cute! Even though they can’t spend every waking moment together, that doesn’t mean their relationship isn’t stronger than ever.

An insider revealed to that Big Sean recently gave Ariana a sweet gift to show how much he cares. “Sean gave Ariana his chain which is a big deal!” our source revealed. “It’s a mini version of the gold lion he always wears.He had it custom-made for her, it has a diamond crown and everything just like his.” Now that’s adorable. also learned that Ariana hasn’t taken it off since Big Sean gave her the chain. So sweet! If Ariana and Big Sean’s relationship can survive long distance, then they can survive anything.

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